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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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was not feasible to proceed with the affordable housing projects on block 7. >> thank you. >> okay. we had a question about commission's -- i apologize i thought i had a question about the developer's obligations or how the developers default so we're good. okay. so obviously i think everyone understand that the next big document that we're going to see is the ground lease and that will also answer a lot of our questions as to how this transaction will work but are there any other questions about the dda or release in assignment so can i
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entertain a motion? >> i think that i'm sure they will do a good job. they want to move this item. >> excellent. is there a second. thank you very much madam secretary will you call role? >> madam chair johnson. >> 4 ayes and one absent. >> the assumption is that vote goes with the changes that we discussed. thank you very much. madam chair will you call the next item. >> public comments on non agenda items madam chair? >> is there any public comment? we have one? >> jesus christ. i'm sorry my
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machine -- anyway i hope everybody had a happy holiday season. unfortunately i wasn't there at the meeting i wasn't there unfortunately i was out of town but i'm here actually requesting respectfully that this agency consider having your next meeting in the western addition to show good gesture and good faith and good govern practice and it's all good. it
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would show that you have some sensitivity for our community and you care you hear and you understand and you see what's going down. it would be a great event to have the community involved to show exactly what's going on and show how we can move forward and understand that we're in a dilemma and in a part of history and you see we all see. hopefully you hear and it goes in your ear and in your mind and in your heart. yes, you have the power. on the panel here -- another has history in the fillmore we have 2 african americans it would be
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a fantastic affair and will go down in history. you come to our community you hear what the people have to say and perhaps you hear things you might not want to hear but you have the ability and power to move forward and make something happen. i think it would be a perfect idea and to make this a successful event that would be worth ye enough to have an advisor you can have it in the lobby area there arrange for it to be there or else have it in the west bay but it would be okay and our community -- it would really show that you hear something so anyway happy holidays. >> any other public comment.
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seeing none. madam secretary call the next item. >> thank you very much. please don't yell at me we're planning on having a meeting in the western edition it's not the next one but it will be soon and we want the agenda items reflect something from the neighborhood. so there will be a meeting in the western edition. okay. madam secretary next item. >> item 8 support of the executive director. >> you have your calendar and packets we have a meeting on december 17th that will be the last meeting of the year it will be a year anniversary for the commission and how quickly a year has gone but you have much to be proud of i think for
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facility ating infrastructure and there is an informal al memo regarding the schematic design part of the development agreement. the city has secured with mbs a vertical developer a 30 and a half million dollars federal grant. if everything is on track and on schedule for that grant hud is certainly watching and keeping track and the city and county is actively working on. and we can expend those valuable federal dollars so to that end your december 17th meeting you have for consideration the major phase approval and seem tick design
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and revital ization is a part and a predevelopment loan action and all of these are really critical actions august of 2014 and we can commencing on the vertical for approximately 500 units of which are complete replacement vacant parking lots by january of 2015 we do plan to have a meeting in the community on january 7th provided it works for your schedule and we've secured the facility. and that meeting would start to allow for community attendance at 4 p.m. so you will get more
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information from staff on that but just to mark your calendars for january 7th we'll do that in the bay view and that concludes my report thank you very much. next item. >> item 9 questions and matters madam chair. >> it's 2 p.m. and there's a groundbreaking before. now, was there an e-mail something went out on that. >> if it hasn't gone out it will go out shortly. >> okay. carpool? >> we can only drive 2 at a time. okay. and we have informal item in our packets on blocks 2 and 4. i had a minor question i'll ask you right now
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so we can make the december 17 meeting 2 minutes shorter. i was wondering when -- is that going to be conveyed in a timely fashion? >> there are other vehicles there would a license in advance before the final conveyance but it's expected they are all on time but staff is working with the parks and state lands and dpw to effectuate all that and they are all on target through next year. >> great all right. anyone
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else? >> i have a question. i'd like to receive information on i guess the best way to call it is the account balance or balances in the housing trust funds the ones under our control the ones we would have immediate information on i see many of these items on affordable housing so much is going into the fund it would be nice to know what the balance is . certain things coming out of the fund. >> okay. anyone else? okay happy holidays everyone. our next meeting will be before christmas but happy holidays anyways next item? >> item 10. and item 11.
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>> thank you very much we adjourn at 1: 38. is that a record?
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>> so what brought you out here for the bike ride today? >> i grew up in san francisco but i have been living in new york. i wanted to see what san francisco is doing with infrastructure. >> cities are where people are living these days. the bay area is doing a lot with construction and the way to change the world starts here. >> we are about to take a bike ride. we have 30 cyclist. i'm
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really excited to hit the road and see what the city has in store. >> i definitely recommend it to people. it's a fun afternoon and you learn so many things. >> this is so much fun. i go to parts of the city that i don't come to. this will make the city a more susta
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>> wednesday, december 4, 2013. please be aware that the commission does not allow any disturbance and if you care to do state your name for the record. i'd like to call role at this time >> commissioner hyland commissioner johnck. commissioner johns. commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman. commissioners first on


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